Sunday, 17 June 2012

Never Buried - Edie Clare

Bit of a girlie book this one – soft core murder mystery maybe. Two sisters are sharing a house through one of their pregnancies when they find a body in the garden.. – not just any old body, this one was..wait for it…”Never Buried”.. So they start to try and track down where the body has come from, who it belongs to and why it has “get out of my house” written on it.
Then more stuff happens to try and persuade the girls to move out but of course they resist, even when their female but rather manly police lady friend tries to persuade them otherwise. The book meanders on, shit happens to them, they resist and on and on all the way to the unravelling of an old unsolved murder and ultimately to a climatic finish.
Read it, finished it, was ok, bit girly for me really.

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