Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sandman – Morgan Hannah MacDonald

Book starts well, some dude is surfing Trestles – this should be right up my street – being a surfer. Then “surfing  is his religion”, he is “at his church” …oh oh surf clichés, maybe not so good…but it quickly recovers and turns into an excellent serial killer yarn. There is the rough tough cop with..wait for it, wait for it..a sad back story, i.e. a dead wife and an alcohol problems. Seriously is there a literary cop in the world who is just normal, nice wife, couple of kids and piles. No thought not.
Anyway, this turns into a really good serial killer book, there is a girl, maybe the one to turn this cops life around, she just happens to be fit of course. And the serial killer is after her. The story rolls along at a great pace and comes to a good climax.. actually the climax bit sums up the end very well!!
So in summary, many of the usual serial killer angles, but a really good book. Would read more in this series.

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