Sunday, 17 June 2012

Killing Share - Ben Rawlinson

Excellent English set private eye book this one. Reminded me of a good Dick Frances story. Told humorously through the eyes of an ex-army private detective, this is the story of a murdered client. The victim, a very wealthy businessman was convinced he was being followed and had gone to the PI for help. So naturally after his death the PI follows up on the story and gets sucked into a story of stolen guns, dodgy detectives, horny widows, and general chasing around London.
A good read only adversely affected by a few of the character traits of the P.I. You won’t find jack Reacher obsessing about the shoes he wears or the watch he has on, let alone the merits of not wearing Chelsea boots with a suit. The author just made the guy sound a bit of a ponce really. And what is the obsession with authors in general going on about how great their characters’ food or cooking is – I don’t care how he cooks his pasta!!
4/5 (not five cos of the cowboy boots!)

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