Friday, 29 November 2013

Officer Jones - Derek Ciccone

Pretty good book this one, lead character is a legendary news guy who is returning to his roots and has decided to go home, however a serial killer with a purpose is on the lose and his old/new girlfriend is danger amongst anyone who has ever driven under the influence!

Great book for a freebie this one thoroughly enjoyed it with decent pace all the way through. Would read another of his if it came along.

Boom five stars *****

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Death Series - Tamara Rose Blo...

Really good teen book about kids with special powers, I have not finished it yet because I drifted off slightly as I am not really in the target audience, still I bet I will return and finish it at some point.

Story is some lad who can raise the dead and needs to keep it secret from the government. And a girlfriend who can read people's minds.. That sort of thing.

Death Order - Jan Needle

Some dross about a soldier from NI. Some elements of the story are ok but I got bored and gave up when the story slipped into another area of time.

White tombs - Christopher Valen

Mildly forgettable police murder investigation book, not bad but I would'nt go chasing after any more in the series.

Back story - hero - check, actually the back story to this hero is quite good and fits the story well.

The eye collector - Sebastian Fitzec

Not a bad read, about a serial killer who kills mothers and hides their children with a countdown to their death.

The trick of the book is the is he, isn't he, referring to the author who could be the killer or not. Saying much more would ruin it.

But guess what, the hero he has a back story of misery, just like all the rest.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Border Crossings (A Catherine James Thriller) - Michael Weems

A classic thriller of the good guys working (killing) their way up through the ranks of a Mexican drugs cartel on the hunt for the top man, who unsurprisingly has done something a bit evil. The story runs parallel to another,  a victim of the Mexican immigration and  sex slave trade and her route to revenge. Normal I don’t like duel story books as one is usually better that the other but this one worked very well although they could have joined up better towards the end.
The lead characters were great in this book although perhaps it needed a better baddy – or to bring him into the story more. Either way a good read - and it is shame the author needed to publish this one himself. It is a dotted I and a crossed t from feeling like a best seller.
4 Stars

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Generation – William Knight

This is a great book, slow start but a great book. I don’t do horror really but this is the best thing about the free list, I fall on books like this. I guess it is best described as believable horror but this follows a theme of gene therapy gone wrong, and the medical giant behind it pushing on despite the dangers and side effects. And what side effects the are… monsters in the body farm, the smell of death..or is it life and a handful of hair raising scenes pushing along a very good story with a good couple of lead characters, one a journo for a crank ghost publication, the other head of research in a body farm in remote Northumberland. Final strange fact being that one scene appears to have been set on or near my street!
5 Stars