Friday, 25 May 2012

Tangled Web - Ken Mclure

Book opens with a disabled baby going missing in a small Welsh village and the parents promptly getting done for the murder. The good news is that the local doctor, who is Scottish (and has a back story!!!! woohoo) thinks they are innocent and sets out to prove the case.

Naturally it being a fictional book no one agrees with him and he soon gets cast out for siding with the evil child killers. At the same time another story comes to light about a baby's body going missing and our clever doctor puts the two stories together and fights for the truth and justice - along the way falling for a vary tasty doctor who is attached to his investigation team.

This book is essentially a story of a very dodgy IVF clinic and some evil people with some very nasty plans, all excellently delivered in another quality British thriller.

Hopefully more of McClures work will turn up on the free list. I'll be buying more of his work once my 89 free book masterpiece is complete.


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