Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Geronimo Breach - Russel Blake

After a run of stories with standard hard man action heroes leading the cast this made a nice change. Meet the hero, Al, a bit of a slob who has ended up working in the arse end of Panama for an arsehole of a boss. He runs a bit of dodgy business on the side and one of these bits of business lands him in trouble, big trouble.

What follows is a classic chase story which sees Al lucking his way through any number of scrapes and emerging as the hero of the hour.

The cover has a 70s Clive Cussler look to it but this is not the style of this book, yes there is some good action sequences but the plot has an element of humour and the book always seems to keep you on side with the correct characters.

This one is good simply because there are so many Reacher-esque lead characters out there already that it is fun to read a slightly different kind of adventure.

3 Stars

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