Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sound of Blood (A Jake Scarne Thriller) - Lawrence De Maria

Typical thriller, typical lead character, this one was ok but not a massive page turner. It didn’t make me try to hide from the children to read it, or sit on the toilet until my legs went numb. It was ok though, quite a good story with a “couple” of good bad guys.

The author deserves most credit though for being brave enough to include a golfing scene in this book, a whole round of golf too. Luckily I play golf and thought he carried it off, even enjoyed it.

Actually now I think about it, ( I read the book a few weeks back now – life has moved on) it was not a bad book and had quite a good female baddy, who became a sort of goody and certainly added something to the plot.. Had some cool cars in it too..hey the more I think about it the better it was

.. anyway it is free so what the hell, download it and give it a go.

3 Stars

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